Keywords Research

keyword researches

Keyword researches is a process of collecting keyword and key phrases related to your website. They can be used for the further search engine optimization process and as well for the anchor texts in linkbuilding.

The Keyword researches are worth important in SEO if you plan to get high rankings in Google search results.

Normally, the keywords and key phrases may be divided in a few groups:

  • Your brand name (your brand)*
  • Primary keywords (main and the most competitive keywords in your niche)
  • Secondary keywords (less competitive keywords then primary, but also popular in your niche)
  • Longtail” keywords (specific key phrases related to your specified services or goods or services/goods with specified feature / specified location)**
  • LSI keywords (Latent semantic identification keywords – keywords or key phrases related to your niche but without using the exact keywords)**

  • * using brand name, consider to use citation on 3rd party sites instead of using link;
  • ** it may be in the form of questions, related to your niche

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