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lsi content marketing Keyword saturation in content marketing is a topic that worries SEO copywriters. How many keywords should be in article? Which of them will best affect Google positioning? What can you do to make your text more compact, but not over saturate it and not receive a Google penalties? We recommend the latent semantic keywords (LSI).

Before, when optimizing the webpage content in terms of organic SEO, you had to take care only of the highest possible density of keywords. It was necessary to achieve the highest percentage of occurrence of a given key phrase in relation to the whole text. Nowadays, it’s also actual, but the number of occurrences of the given key phrase decreases significantly. There is no exact determination as to the percentage of the key phrase should be in the past and today. However, someday this value should be between 3 and 5 percent, while today around 1%.

Instead of using the exact match keywords, we use LSI – latent semantic keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is semantic keywords related to the phrase on which we position the page. They cannot be confused with changed keywords or synonyms. In the case of LSI, it’s about phrases that refer to each other in terms of meaning.

we apply latent semantic keywords in our content marketing strategy for the best effect of website seo and web marketing.

LSI Content marketing


We are ready to create a long-term and effective content publishing strategy, i.e. a strategy for the effective publication of expert content on your site. We will also write texts that will improve your position on the market and your website positions in google

Why content marketing is effective?

today the consumer reads and obtains information about the product / service before making a purchase. Tired of intrusive advertisements, Internet users care about valuable and reliable content with useful information.

Content is the foundation of web marketing

Do you want to reach lots of interested customers?
Do you want to show a potential recipient something more than just an information website?
Do you want to increase conversions and your brand awareness?

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    What can we do for you?

    Professional niche related articles. We will write for you high-quality sponsored, expert and guide articles. Thanks to this, we create the image of your company as a specialist, attach the client to the brand and inclining the reader to buy your services or products.

    Effective content publishing. We will publish it on thematic industry portals. The texts will be citating your brand, and often have a hyperlink to your website. Thanks to this, the readers will easily find your company and use your services or buy your products!

    Running a blog. Blog is a key content marketing tool. Valuable content on the blog combined with its effective web marketing is a great way to attract user to your goods / services.

    Copywriting. According to your needs, we can offer:

    • creating content for a website
    • proofreading and editing of the current text on the website
    • editing the content of product catalogs
    • translating the content of your website into any foreign language and many more