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Organic SEO – the way to get high positions in search engines



Organic SEO – is marketing activities aimed at obtaining and maintaining the highest possible position for key phrases in organic search results in search engine (e.g. Google).

Organic Search Engine Optimization mainly includes activities related to creation and optimization of content of website and acquisition of inbound links, as well as technical improvement of the website.

The most important part of Organic SEO is to get the highest possible place in the search results displayed after users enter the search query in the search engine. The most popular search engines, including the market’s dominant – Google, display standard links usually 10 links on page (excluding ads and various additional search functions). Due to the fact that about 90% of users use only the first page of results and do not look for information going further, the website owners are interested to be in the first ten search results..

Our experience shows that online visibility is now the basis for many entrepreneurs who want to reach new customers and grow their business. The presence of your site in high positions in the search engines guarantees increased traffic and the number of users, and as a result – increases sales. You also can’t forget that organic seo is a long-term process and the best results will be visible only after a long time.

effects of Organic SEO

Effects of organic SEO

Effective Organic SEO offers many opportunities for business growth – it is not only reaching new customers. Visibility in the search engine will allow you to inspire trust and build your brand recognition.

SEO, due to its effectiveness, is currently the method of organic growth in search results most often used by professionals. It consists in improving the website (both the content available on it and changes in the code) and the incoming links’ profile in terms of known factors, being taken into account in creation of search engine rankings. This process often requires testing various solutions in order to invent the most optimal strategy ensuring high and stable positions. So SEO is a very important part of website marketing and promotion.

However, there is no optimization when using automated solutions, e.g. to generate a large number of links only. Those who use the same seo tactics regardless of the subject and site’s industry, usually fail in their efforts.

Organic Search engine optimization is the most important technique in Website Marketing

Website marketing is a marketing strategy that – in contrast to classic and often intrusive forms of advertising – supports the process of users finding the products or services they are looking for. This form of internet marketing, even if theoretically has a much smaller range than offline sources (TV or billboards), can generate excellent sales results with highest ROI. In the vast majority of cases (of course, when web marketing is well implemented) the message will reach your target group, i.e. your potential customers.



    On-site and Off-site SEO

    The most important factors that influence the position in search results can be divided into on-site and off-site factors

    Ranking on-site factors

    • meta tags, incl. <title> and <description> subpages;
    • content:
    • internal links: linking between subpages, navigation;
    • URLs – the content of keywords;
    • domain age;
    • Mobility – Responsive design corresponding to Google guidelines for mobile devices.
    • Download Speed – The faster the page loads, the better. Such a site gains higher positions and greater user satisfaction, giving a higher conversion rate.
    • SSL certificate – HTTPS is encryption using SSL, making it much more difficult to intercept data sent. Until recently, the HTTPS protocol has been used mainly by banks and stores, now is being used almost on every working website.
    • ContentHeadlines, content, images, video. Content must be unique and valuable to users. Therefore, e.g. guidance articles are welcome, where the emphasis is on indicating ready solutions for the indicated problems. This should not be underestimated, because our efforts will be appreciated not only by potential customers, but also Google robots that highly appraise websites with such content.
    • UI/UXUser Interface / User Experience, when creating website, we should try to make it attractive, functional, ergonomic and useful for the users.

    Ranking off-site factors

    • inbound linkstheir quantity, trust, relevancy; It’s worth taking care of obtaining valuable external links for your website. The more of them, the greater the authority of website, because Google interprets such links as direct recommendations.
    • CTR and clicks from search engine;
    • Social Media signals;
    • real website traffic;
    • citation of the brand name (may have an indirect impact).

    The search engine is based on several hundred factors of various meanings and grades of importance, the website’s position in google’s search results bases on them. According to our experience, the above-mentioned factors have the most noticeable impact on high ranked websites

    You may have several tactics to get traffic, but It may seem that the most effective method to get a lot of traffic will be to get the highest positions for the most competitive phrases that define your industry. However, using this approach may result in you not noticing the effects for a long time – until you reach your intended positions. Starting with easier words (long–tail keywords) and gradually increasing their number, you have a chance to feel the traffic increase quite quickly – initially small, gradually increasing the number of users on your site.

    Visibility of your website in Google’s organic results is the largest marketing and sales potential, Increased traffic and sales

    Regardless of whether you are just hearing about Organic SEO for the first time, or whether your website has already been visible in Google search results, you must know that visibility guarantees an increase in traffic and gives you a chance for high sales.

    Order a positioning offer if:

    • Your products / services are already selling (e.g. online, thanks to Google Ads or else);
    • you want to grow your business;
    • your website is already your main marketing and sales channel;
    • you just want to build an online distribution channel;
    • you want to gradually increase traffic on your website;
    • you offer products and services that customers search for in Google;;
    • you want to increase SALES;
    • you think strategically and long-term;
    • you want to build a BRAND online and offline;



    Keyword Researches – Keywords are one of the most important elements in positioning

    Website analysis and SEO audit – We conduct both site analysis and audit at the beginning of the positioning process (if necessary, we can repeat these actions at any time during our work with your website).