Expert SEO Audit

seo audit

SEO audit by experts is a way to define the problems both technical and SEO origin. We are here to help you.

Standard SEO audit is a FREE option for you. If you plan to work with us in a further, we will be working on your website SEO and Marketing basing on daily seo audits.

All SEO work begins with an SEO audit, which is divided into several elements: technical SEO, SEO On-Site, Off-Site SEO, Content SEO, as well as strategic issues for the entire website. The audit shows the deficiencies and problems of the site, as well as ways to deal with them.

Google algorithm

Knowing the data on the number of users and the click-through rate of individual results, we know how huge the search engine has and how important it is to be on the first page, and thus – why the organic SEO is worth to use. There is a question – how to do it?

How to get the first positions?

The race for the first positions in the search engine is a complex process, taking into account technical optimization activities, expanding the page in terms of content and obtaining valuable links – this process requires time and considerable effort. The starting point for our activities is how much work the competition has done to gain the highest positions for their sites by given phrase.

There are industries in which it will be extremely difficult to intrude, because the sites present in the TOP 10 have many years of positioning behind them and hundreds thousands dollars spent to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their results. High positions for more niche companies, where the competition is not so strong, will be much easier to achieve, but also – as you can guess – it will give less traffic and lower conversion. Effective website positioning

How does Google determine its position in organic results?

The order in which specific pages appear is not accidental – the search engine ranking is determined on the basis of measurable and unambiguous factors, and its arrangement is determined by the search engine algorithm. This means that only those elements that can be attributed to a given web address in internet are taken into account. These factors can have both positive and negative effects on results.

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    Website analysis and audit

    We conduct both site analysis and audit at the beginning of the whole process of Organic SEO (we repeat these actions at any time during our work with your website). Thanks to them, we can see what areas of your website’s require our immediate intervention. We also learn about those elements that work fine. This verification of the visibility of the website in the search engines and its technical condition allows us to plan the next months of work, and you see how much effort should be made to make your site both user and Google friendly.