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FREE Expert SEO Audit

FREE Expert SEO Audit

FREE SEO audit by SEO experts with comments. No automatic useless tests. We will inform you where you failed and how to improve it. A FREE Quotes If you need our assistance (if necessary).

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Keyword Researches

Keyword Researches

Keywords Researches is a first stage of Organic SEO and it has a big importance for the further success of your website in your industry. Choose correct and appropriate keywords.

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Web Design

Web Design

Are you looking for an attractive but unobtrusive web design? Then we are here. We will create a unique design exclusively for your website! Web design is a first impression of your site

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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

UX / UI design means “selling” a product or service through the site’s interface. Based on UI / UX, the user makes a decision: “To be or not to be?” Like or dislike. To buy or not to buy

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LSI Content Marketing

LSI Content Marketing

The days of texts stuffed with keywords and keyphrases are long gone. Currently rules the Latent Semantic Identification (LSI) Content Marketing. Interesting, useful and related content.

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Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a set of methods and tactics aimed to improve the site’s positions in search results. we use time-tested “white-hat” methods to increase site rankings

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Time-tested the "white-hat" SEO methods

Our SEO Methods are Simple like a Stone and Effective like a Sledgehammer

white hat seo methods
  • SEO audit reveals the problems of your site, both technical and SEO. We will resolve them all;
  • Keyword researches gives you the list of keywords / keyphrases relevant to your site. Being at the top of search results by these queries will give you tremendous targeted web traffic, relevant to your industry;
  • Correct and unobtrusive web design let your site attract users to your site content and offers, non confusing users.
  • Correct UX/UI design is a way to sell your goods/services online in maximum convenient way for the users. Breadcrumbs, navigation, call-to-action-buttons should be placed on their places.
  • LSI content marketing is a method of creating attractive and interesting relevant content without stupid stuffing the keywords everywhere;
  • Thorough search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated process of modifiction website conten, making it relevant to search engines in a way they like, copmaring the ideal condition for the organic website growth;

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Where to use Organic SEO and where Search Engine Marketing

Difference between SEO and SEM

So what are the differences between SEO and SEM? As we already know, SEM is a much broader concept covering all the activities related to website advertising, which include narrower areas such as SEO and PPC. As you can see, these are not the same concepts, although one of them is due to the other. But what are the differences? First of all, that PPC activities, which are part of SEM, are most often marked in search results as advertising and visible only to a specific target group, while SEO focuses on organic, i.e. natural results visible to everyone.

PPC is paid advertising, i.e. when buying a given service you have an almost instantaneous result, which is most often associated with the use of paid advertising in Google Ads. SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term and time-consuming activity, and you have to wait for the results, but they are generated in a natural way thanks to clickability and valuable links.

Of course, SEO as part of SEM is a support for building a given brand. Paid actions combined with natural positioning can effectively support the creation of an appropriate position in the search engine.

What to choose – SEM or SEO?

SEM and SEO are frequent proposals offered by marketing agencies, which makes it possible to find both standard SEO proposals and additional paid forms of advertising that belong to SEM. Since this is one of the services, the choice of a specific action will depend primarily on the customer and the marketing strategy they want to follow.

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